Bad ebola!!!

This is sad I feel sad for the familys we have died to ebola this must be stoped!.                People should try a little harder to find a cure to ebola just work for its what you want to get try your hardest to get it come on doctor help these poor people please just help them get better.               The 5 w’s who what when where why.             people say ebola started from an animal that was sick an it must have bite a human an that human must have spread the virus to the humans family to start this hole trouble.             It is called ebola if you have not been really reading this it is a tiny tiny tiny virus in you it is hard to see you have it.         It happened in January one of the biggest outbreaks know by me or my class mates.       It came from guinea most people are saying know it is now in 3 or 4 countrys im not sure at this time it is so called came from an animal in guinea.               Most people don’t know why this happened I think its just the way life gose for humans now a days I am a little sad people don’t know why this started there best clue is an animal started the hole problem I hope it dose not hit Canada.

My Personal thinking. Ebola has scared me pretty badly But doctors are trying to help this be stoped I hope they find the end to this soon so many people have suffered by this Ebola out break. I really want all this death to stop by the time im 11 or im going to be having a sad party by then cause it could be in Canada by the time its my birthday I hope is dose not.

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  1. Tyler this is an excellent blog way to go. I’m going to share this in the main class blog so that everyone can see what following the directions and doing a great job looks like. I hope you are proud of the work you’ve done and you have a great weekend.

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